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Private Common Entrance exam tuition can make the difference between being educated at the first choice school or settling for another. Entrance exams can be incredibly competitive, so the students that have specialised entrance exam tuition have a distinct advantage over those that do not.

The exams can be quite different to the type of exams that students have experienced before, so a private tutor can help to ensure that the student understands what to expect and the type of tests they will be taking. The Common Entrance exams are produced by the Independent School Examinations Board and our tutors have extensive experience working with the syllabus.

The tutors at Tutortoo have helped many students prepare for entrance exams for the schools in your area, so they understand what topics students should spend more time on and how to approach different types of tests. Tutors will help students to develop their exam technique and prepare them for the English, Maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning that the Common Entrance exams involve.

Subjects that are assessed at the 11+ stage include:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Verbal and non-verbal communications
English Common Entrance exams
Private tutors work through the key areas for both the 11+ and 13+ English Common Entrance exams, developing exam techniques and working through a selection of past papers to help prepare students for the question styles they will be working on.
Maths Common Entrance exams
The Mathematics exams at both 11+ and 13+ can be supported by tuition to maximise the potential results, through a structured study plan in the lead up to the exam. Students will practice with papers that prepare them for the questions.
Science Common Entrance exams
Science is the third core subject that will be tested at 11+, whilst at 13+ schools will often also test in humanities, languages and classical subjects. Tutortoo expert tutors will help students prepare for all 11+ and 13+ exams.

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