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There are many reasons why parents and children decide that home education will be the best option for students. From wanting to have individual teaching focus, to a lack of quality schools within travelling distance or accessibility difficulties, home education can be very advantageous to a student’s educational progress. Private home education tutors can provide full-time or part-time tuition, as required.

Tutortoo has expert, highly experienced tutors local to you who can build a personalised learning plan to suit the needs of the student. We have SEN support specialists, as well as primary, secondary and A Level home education tutors.

Many parents considering hiring full-time home education tutors for their children are initially concerned about the cost but when comparing with private school fees, and taking into account that they will have individual education and attention, it can be better value for money.

Home education can be very beneficial to students of all abilities, including primary age students who go are studying towards entrance exams for academically selective schools. Home education is also beneficial for the lead up to important exams, to help students to improve the grade potential.

Who benefits from a private home education tutor?

Home education whether full-time or weekly sessions will help students of all abilities and all education levels. From preparing for SATs at primary school level, to support through studying for a degree or adult learning, tuition helps students to reach their full potential.

Primary school home education tutors
Our specialist primary school home education tutors can help children to prepare for their English and Maths SATs, or work on their homework to get into good study practices, or spend more time helping them to understand more challenging areas.
If you are considering full-time home schooling then our experienced primary school tutors will be able to take students through the National Curriculum syllabus, whilst providing individual attention to help them progress faster. Hiring home tutors will also help to improve a student’s chances of getting a place at an academically selective school, through expert exam preparation for entrance exams.
GCSE home education tutors
At GCSE level students start to feel added pressure as their workload increases and the importance of their exam results is heightened as they consider their future career paths. Through the support from highly qualified tutors at Tutortoo, students can spend more time developing better understanding of the key areas in readiness for exams and work through any areas that have been more challenging.
We have expert tutors to provide extra support for all GCSE subjects including core and non-core subjects. Whether students require extra focus to push them on to achieve higher grades across all their GCSEs, or they have one or two subjects that could benefit from some extra individual learning, Tutortoo will deliver on those goals.
A Level home education tutors
When students reach A Level stage, the importance of getting the results that get them accepted for their preferred degree course becomes a key driver. Therefore, this is the perfect time to start having additional study through the expertise of a private A Level home education tutor.
At Tutortoo there is a broad range of highly experienced tutors specialising in each different A Level subject to support students to reach their highest potential grades. Our tutors will develop individual learning plans that are customised to the student’s ability, current understanding and areas that will prepare them for exams.

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