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The benefits of hiring a privateA-level tutor

When a student reaches A-level, the demands of the course can feel a lot more challenging. Depending on the Sixth Form or other type of college that the student attends, there is usually more focus on independent learning at this stage, often with some free periods in the weekly college timetable. Using that spare time in the most productive way is an important part of maximising the potential A-level exam grades.

Working with an expert A-Level tutor will ensure that students are focusing the required amount of independent study for each chosen subject. This stage can feel like a big change for many students, so the support and guidance of a dedicated A-Level tutor will hugely benefit them.

Students often find one or more areas of their chosenA-level subjects are more challenging than their previous levels of study and they need to spend more time on those areas. With one-to-one focus and expert tuition, students will progress more quickly and prepare more thoroughly for their A-Level exams. Where coursework forms part of A-level assessment, tutors can also provide vital support to help students understand how to present the coursework and what practices to implement.

Top A-level tuition from Tutortoo

The tutors at Tutortoo have many years of experience of helping students to achieve their maximum potential at A-level. Our friendly, expert tutors will help students by:

  • Helping students to progress in the areas that they may be finding more challenging
  • Provide one-to-one focus that is more productive for learning than in large class sizes
  • Practicing exam papers and question styles to fully prepare students for the exam conditions
  • Building study skills that will also be beneficial to students moving onto degree courses

As well as working on exam preparation and coursework, tutors are able to help students develop good time management skills to improve their progress and studying productivity.

A-level exam preparation

The exam questions at A-level requires students to demonstrate higher levels of analysis and understanding than in their previous study, so learning the requirements with a specialised private A-level tutor will be greatly beneficial.

Obtaining good exam results is not only reliant on strong subject knowledge, it also requires excellent exam technique which is an area that tutors will spend time helping students to develop, enabling them to attain the maximum grades that they are capable of.

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