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Our special educational needs support tutors are highly experienced in supporting students with a range of different needs. From dyslexia specialists, to working with behavioural learning barriers such as ADHD, our tutors work with students to create a personalised learning plan that gives them the support they need to work to their potential.

Students with special educational needs can often find that they do not have the right type of support to progress their learning at the level they are capable of and they miss out on educational opportunities. At Tutortoo, we are dedicated to providing expert help to students with special educational needs, so that they are not held back through lack of support.

Our students with special educational needs have seen significant improvements in their learning results because we have been able to provide a learning plan that is customised to their specific needs and education goals. Whether it is studying for GCSEs, a degree or any other level, our SEND tutor help students to progress further through one-to-one customised learning.

Whilst schools do usually have SEN support, due to challenging budgets, they may not be able to provide adequate focused attention to one student, so private SEN support tuition is the best way to get significant progress and find ways of overcoming learning barriers.

How a SEN tutor can help

When students have special educational needs, some additional specialist support can help them to explore different learning approaches and ensures that you are aware of all the opportunities that are available to students, from extra exam time to a range of other adjustments. SEND tutor can help prepare for the exam conditions that students will be experiencing to make them less daunting.

Primary school SEN support tutors
Once it has been identified that a child has special educational needs, the sooner they start getting additional support, the more progress can be made in time for important education milestones like SATs. Our specialised tutors have experience across a wide range of SEN support that has been instrumental in helping students to reach their highest potential. The guidance of SEN support tutors can be key in developing learning techniques that will benefit the transition into secondary school and the different demands that this involves.
GCSE SEND support tutors
At GCSE level students may find the added pressure at this level makes studying even more challenging, so the support of a specialised SEN support tutor will be particularly beneficial to work towards achieving the best possible GCSE grades. A SEN support tutor will spend extra focus on key areas that students need help with, working through an individual learning plan that is tailored specifically to the student’s learning needs. Whichever type of special educational need (s) a student has, our expert SEN support tutors will be able to help them to progress.
A-level SEND Tutors
A-level subjects are a large step up from GCSE and many students find the transition quite difficult to make, with new types of learning and assessments including more detailed coursework. To ensure that the transition from GCSE to A-level is as easy as possible and so that students are able to continue progressing towards their maximum grades, the support of a specialist SEND support A-level tutor will be highly effective. Our SEND tutors are available to work with students studying any A-level subject.
Degree level SEN support tutors
Students with special educational needs studying for a degree can significantly benefit from the support and guidance of an expert SEND tutor, who will give the additional guidance they may need to reach their full potential. From spending extra time working through a dissertation, to developing exam preparation techniques that are more effective, Tutortoo SEND tutors will help students across all degree course subjects. As you are aware, the pressure is on to achieve the best grades at degree level for future career prospects and tuition can have a great impact on on results.

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