Tutortoo works with schools nationwide to provide intensive tuition support to pupils identified as requiring intervention. As attainment gaps have widened and education has been disrupted, this need has become even greater. We offer one-to-one tuition at home or at school, as well as small group tuition in the school environment. By helping plug the gaps in a student’s knowledge and understanding, our tuition service enables pupils to reach their potential and schools to achieve their targets.

Tuition is provided in small groups or one-to-one to:

  • Students from disadvantaged backgrounds, including looked after children, who are falling behind and need support to achieve pass grades, especially in core subjects.
  • Students who cannot get into school due to mental or physical health issues and need support keeping pace with the curriculum to achieve their academic potential.
  • Students who are not keeping pace with the curriculum because of special or additional educational needs.

Our team of experienced tutors are all qualified in their subject specialisms and tutoring packages are personalised to provide a bespoke solution to each school. We work with schools on a sessional basis, meaning you pay only for the tuition your pupils need, when it’s needed.

Flexible and supportive tuition solutions to suit your school’s needs:

  • For all ages and all levels.
  • Literacy and numeracy for primary students.
  • Maths, English, Sciences, humanities and MFL for secondary students (other subjects available on request).
  • 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions, to suit needs and ages.
  • One-to-one or in small groups of up to four students.
  • At school, at a student’s home or other appropriate setting.
  • Before school, after school, at the weekends and during school holidays so that students do not miss even more of the curriculum.
  • Qualified, fully vetted tutors.
  • On a term by term basis, to suit the school.
  • Once a week or more, as required.
  • Programmes tailored to gaps in knowledge.


Bridging the attainment gap

At Tutortoo we use tuition strategies which have a demonstrable impact on progress. Our tuition services help schools evidence that the solutions in which they are investing are making a significant impact on closing the attainment gap between children from different socio-economic backgrounds.

Tuition which gets results:

  • Work is set and full feedback is provided on a session by session basis.
  • Any non-attendance is monitored and followed up withthe school.
  • After every tutoring session, progress is logged, assessments tracked and a session report is made available to the school via a shared database system. Progress against agreed objectives is reviewed regularly.
  • Progress meetings are booked with the school throughout the term of the tutoring agreement and adjustments in delivery are made as required. Parents are involved in the process wherever possible and specific feedback is provided at parents’ evenings if required.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss face-to-face how our services could help support the students at your school. We advise an initial meeting with the headteacher, at which we would discuss how Tutortoo could best meet your school’s requirements.

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